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Panspective Launches Third Generation of Your Zona; Personality Assessment System

TACOMA, Wash. -January 13, 2004- Panspective, Inc. today unveils the third version of the Your Zona personality assessment and compatibility system. The new system, informally named Z3, is an evolutionary leap forward both technically and for overall user experience. In addition to an improved user interface, Z3 introduces the Zona Match, Recent News, and Zona Mail. The Z3 platform will permit the imminent rollout of Celebrity Zonas as well as support for multiple languages.

The Zona Match system allows users to review the profiles of others who have taken the Zona Test. These profiles are generated by partner sites that have integrated the Your Zona system. Users to can use the Zona Match system to navigate to partner sites and will eventually be able to go directly to desired profiles.

Recent News featured on the home page will allow users to keep abreast with company and industry information. Zona Mail allows users to send their zona results to anyone with and email access.

About Your Zona

Your Zona is personality assessment and compatibility system. The Your Zona system is based on an advanced three dimensional model. Users are assigned their zonas after completing the 26 question Zona Test. Once someone learns their zona the system recommends the most compatible zonas in the areas of romance, personal growth and professional partnerships. The system is available on partner sites as well as

About Panspective

Panspective, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, is an Internet publishing company focused on safety and efficiency in the dating and matchmaking industry. Its core products are Your Zona, personality matching system ( and exso, past relationship database ( Panspective, Inc. was founded on the first day of the new millennium. The company is dedicated to producing products that redefine personal and interpersonal communications on a global scale.

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