The online matchmaking industry has moved well beyond the growth phase and is clearly in the expansion phase. Historically, the expansion phase is marked by mushrooming sales, a significant number of competitors and product refinement. The current matchmaking service marketplace is extremely competitive. This compounded by the reality of low barriers to switching has led to high client churn.

In order to protect your position in the marketplace your marketing message must clearly convey a quantifiable advantage and you must be able to provide a superior user experience. That is where Your Zona comes to the rescue. The Zona system is the most advanced personality matching system on the market yet is extremely easy to use. While the competition uses a single dimensional model for their personality assessment, Your Zona uses an proprietary three dimensional model.

The system is complex on the inside yet simple on the outside. With only nine zonas to choose from, your users will easily remember their zonas and compatible zonas. Singles have flocked to online matchmaking service in droves. But the average Web users is only online 50 minutes per month. What is the single Web user doing when not online-going to bars, hiking, meeting with friends? Your Zona was designed with portability in mind. Meaning singles can compare zonas anywhere without having to have Internet access.

Why don't you just create your own personality matching system?
Even if you assembled a team of personality and evolutionary experts, got them to utilize an integral model and then ran their results through your marketing department, you probably still couldn't replicate Your Zona. Besides, it would probably be years before you actually had a functioning model. But that's only part of the challenge. With your current marketing efforts focused building brand awareness, trying to convey the benefits of a proprietary matching system will only dilute your message and increase your customer acquisition costs.

Your Zona's own marketing efforts is quickly building brand awareness and user trial in the marketplace. Licensing the Your Zona system saves development costs, lowers customer acquisition costs and gives your service instant credibility.

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