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Your Phone or Mine?: Zona Test Unveils Portable Matchmaking

SEATTLE, Wash. -May 17, 2005- Panspective, Inc. announced today the launch of a portable version of its Zona personality assessment and compatibility system. The Zona system is now accessible using any web-enabled mobile phone or PDA. Practical for bars, restaurants, dinner parties and anywhere else a person might meet someone that interests them. So before singles hand out their business card, before they write down their phone number, before they accept that first date- they will check their compatibility using the Zona System. By pressing a few buttons on their web-enabled mobile devices, people can avoid spending months in dead end relationships.

The mobile Zona system is made up of two parts- the 26 question Zona Test and a compatibility engine. When a person takes the Zona Test on their web-enabled mobile phone or PDA they will be identified by 1 of 9 zonas, or personality types. Once they know their zona, the system can recommend the most compatible zonas for them in the areas of romance, personal growth and professional partnerships. The system is free and available to mobile users at

With the proliferation of online dating services, web-based matchmaking systems are commonplace. Unlike the vast majority of matchmaking systems in the marketplace, the Zona system is derived from one of the most contemporary schools of psychology. From the beginning, the system was designed not only to be the most advanced matchmaking tool in the world, but easy-to-use and completely portable.

The Zona system was launched October, 2002. Adapting the system for mobile use has become extremely practical with the proliferation of web-enabled mobile devices. According to M:Metrics, over 22 million per month access the Internet using a mobile device. This web browsing is largely driven by the need for context-sensitive information.

The Zona system is part of the Love Zona, a community of one-of-a-kind romance, relationship and a matchmaking tools.

About Love Zona

The Love Zona is an interactive community and tool suite focused on all phases of romance, relationships and matchmaking. The main components of the Love Zona are the Zona Test, Zona Match, Cachet 200 and exso. The Zona Test is an industry leading personality assessment and compatibility system. The system is based on an advanced three dimensional model. Zona Match is an online matchmaking community where people can find compatible partners based on Zona Test results. Cachet 200 is a service that helps individuals learn their marketability to the opposite sex. Exso is an area where people go to discuss the highs and lows of past relationships. The Love Zona can be found online at

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