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Panspective Launches Your Zona; Personality Matching System Based on 3-D Integral Model

TACOMA, Wash. - October 7, 2003 - Panspective, Inc. today announced the launch of Your Zona, a personality matching system. The Zona test is one of the few personality tests based on a three-dimensional integral model. This three dimensional model assesses static personality traits as well as personal traits that are more fluid, such as evolution of consciousness. Two dimensional models, such as Jung, Myers-Briggs, Freud, Enneagrams and Astrology measure only static traits.

The Your Zona system separates personalities into nine zonas, relating to objects found in nature. The nine zonas are: Coral, Moon, Pearl, Quartz, Silver, Sun, Topaz, Water and Wind. Each zona consists of five z-factors, defined from 1 to 5. Once someone learns their zona the system recommends the most compatible zonas in the areas of romance, personal growth and professional partnerships.

The Zona test is comprised of 26 questions and should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. The test is free and available online at Once users take the test and obtain their zonas and compatibility criteria, the website also offers additional tools to help locate other compatible zonas in their local area.

The Your Zona system intends to become the de facto personality classification and matching system worldwide. "What's your zona?" may soon be the most commonly overheard question at dinner parties, health clubs and singles bars.

The integral model incorporates and builds upon years of validated personality research. The Zona test and matching system were put through a series of online trials from October 2002 to August 2003. The Zona test and matching system will be translated into a multitude of languages.

The Your Zona system is available for license by matchmaking services, content publishers and others.

About Panspective

Panspective, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, is an Internet publishing company focused on safety and efficiency in the dating and matchmaking industry. Its core products are Your Zona, personality matching system ( and exso, past relationship database ( Panspective, Inc. was founded on the first day of the new millennium. The company is dedicated to producing products that redefine personal and interpersonal communications on a global scale.

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